ABB  CLMD capacitor parameters and classification


In electronics, ABB CLMD the capacitor is indispensable electronic device, it ACTS as the smoothing filtering of the rectifier in electronic equipment, power supply decoupling, bypass, ac/dc circuit of ac signal exchange coupling, etc.Due to the type and structure of the capacitor type is more, as a result, we not only need to know all kinds of performance index and general characteristics of capacitor, but also must understand the advantages and disadvantages of various components in the context of the given purpose, as well as the mechanical or environmental constraints, etc.There will be a main parameters and the applications of the capacitor to do a simple description.
1. Nominal capacitance (C) R.Mark the capacitance value of capacitor products.Mica and ceramic electric capacity of capacitor is low (below about 5000 pf);Some paper, plastic and ceramic dielectric capacitor is centered in the form of (around 0.005 uF ~ 1.0 uF);Usually electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of larger.This is a rough classification.
2. The category temperature range.Capacitor design can continuous working environment temperature range.The range depends on its corresponding category temperature limit value, such as ceiling temperature, minimum temperature category, rated temperature (can apply continuous rated voltage of the maximum temperature), etc.
3. The rated voltage (U) R.In the lower limit of category and rated temperature between any of the temperature, can apply for the biggest dc voltage on the capacitor or the effective value of ac voltage or pulse voltage peak.Capacitor is used in high voltage and field, must pay attention to the influence of corona.Corona is due to the gap exists between the dielectric/electrode layer, it besides spurious signals can result in damage to equipment, it can also cause a capacitor dielectric breakdown.Under the condition of communication or pulse, corona particularly prone to occur.For all the capacitors, in use should guarantee the dc voltage and ac peak voltage shall not exceed the sum of the rated voltage of capacitor.