PT100 temperature sensor

Our PT100 made in ABB key supplier, PT100 technical update very rapidly, the PT100 use high quantity material and best manufacturing technique, PT100 wire is so very soft.
ABB engineer let us confirm the PT100 technical parameter,

PT100 Length =500mm±10mm or 1000mm ±10mm

In addition, our PT100 dimension: Diameter 4mm, length 25mm plastic fragile is high-classs PTFE material which is tolerance of high voltage value, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant. It can not be removed
to the PT100. You only need directly installation the PT100 PTFE the motor coil any place. Another connector directly to control device. In addition, send the PT100 connect diagram to you, hope give some help.

PT100 connect diagram ABB Motor PT100 Sensor