1. The reputation in the market for a long time with the traditional institutions coil spring VD4 vacuum circuit breaker has been further improved, and equipped with the most advanced modular drive mechanism of new VD4 vacuum circuit breaker has been put into market. New VD4 vacuum circuit breaker has 150000 sets of batch production for more than 6 years, and generally accepted and recognized in the global market.
2. This with modular drive new VD4 vacuum circuit breaker currently covered 12 ~ 24 kv, 630 a ~ 3150/4000 a, 40 ka and all of the following specifications. New VD4 in the future will be further expanded to 35 kv, and 12 kv 50 ka version, which cover medium voltage of AIS circuit breaker series.
3. New VD4 with modular organization with traditional VD4 in addition to the location on the front panel button, installation dimensions are consistent appearance, to ensure that the old and new interchangeability of the switch. With the use of the same casting type column, so open circuit performance is basically the same. New VD4 adopts the most advanced modular design, has many excellent characteristics of new, its outstanding advantage is more simple and reliable structure, maintenance more quickly complete, customers can replace multiple function module, etc.

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