The VM1 circuit breakers use vacuum interrupters embedded in resin poles. Embedding the interrupters in resin makes the circuit-breaker poles particularly sturdy and protects the interrupters against shocks, accumulation of dust and humidity.Each interrupter houses the contacts and makes up the interrupting chamber. Actuation of the interrupter contacts is carried out by a single magnetic actuator controlled by position sensors and by an electronic module. The energy required for operation is provided by capacitors which ensure an adequate store of energy. The electronic control circuit can be supplied in two version:
the “basic”one and the one with the “full options ” which are characterised by: high electromagnetic immunity *selef-diagnosis of the capacitor load and the continuity of the coils:controller watchdog with signalling of faults * wide range of the auxiliary power supply in direct and alternating current *low consumption for maintaining the capacitor load * determination of the circuit-breaker state by means of proximity sensors * monitoring of all the interruption functions. Thanks to use of the embedded interrupters and the magnetic drive, the VM1 circuit-breakers guarantee: *sturdiness *reliability *long life * no maintenance.
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ABB VM1 KIT POWER CARD ED2 VM1 100/250V STANDARD [L2]   1VCF359899R0142


VM11VCF359899R0142 VM1 VM1-1