ABB ZVC Contactor for Unigear ZVC Switchgear

Electrical data:
1. Rated Voltage: 3.6kV/7.2kV
2. Rated Frequency:50/60Hz
3. Rated power frequency withstand voltage: ABB ZVC SWITCHGEAR
—panel: 32kV; VC/VSC: 20kV
4. Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage:
— panel: 60kV; VC/VSC: 40kV
5. Rated current of busbars: 4000A(Max.)
6. Rated current of Tee-offs:
—VC: 400A; VSC: 200A.
7. Rated peak withstand current: 130kA
8. Rated short-time current 3s: 50kA