Mv 650mm Switchgear Vd4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Design and Structure
ABB ZS1 switchgear design, should make normal operation, monitoring, and maintenance can be safe and convenient. Maintenance work includes: usually phase sequence detection, maintenance of components, cable fault finding and cable grounding, pressure test, etc.
For the rated parameters and structure of the same, need to replace components should be able to swap (including the removed parts).
General Structure Requirements
ZS1 MV switchgear cabinet put oneself in another’s position at regular and spare parts (Jane said hand car) into two large grouping. According to the electrical equipment can work inside ark, cabinet put oneself in another’s position with the baffle plate is divided into four different functional single element: the mother line ventricular, circuit breaker, cable chamber and low pressure chamber. Cabinet put oneself in another’s position of the casing and between various functional units of clapboard adopt aluminized zinc steel plate bending and then to pick up.
ZS1 650mm Switchgear open closed containers can spare parts can be configured VD4  vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker, electric current transformer, electric voltage transformer, separated from the device, etc.
Also improve the insulation strength between phase and phase to degrees, narrow body product, main circuit conductor take composite insulation as well as the necessary measures such as uniform electric field.

Door is made of high strength steel plate making, every cupboard door hinge with solid and reliable, and three high strength of the door lock, and with relatively ideal sealing strip to be tightly closed, without using tools, cupboard door wouldn’t open, removed, or mobile. The observation window on the door all the 10 mm double size of explosion-proof glass into, to ensure that the operating personnel and security switch equipment.

ZS1 open closed containers usually adopt protective relay, measuring instrument and secondary electrical components such as switch operation. When using current and/or voltage transformer and REF542 + junction, or use current and/or voltage sensor is replaced conventional current and/or voltage transformer, and REF542 + junction and achieve the function of traditional secondary, the ZS1 open closed cabinet, can be said as I – ZS1 switchgear. REF542 + can realize the function such as measurement, control, protection and communication, and can change the Settings according to the needs of the users, their different functional requirements.

Pressure Relief Devices

Switch cabinet top department in circuit breaker rooms, bus room and the top of the cable chamber is equipped with pressure relief processing, when internal fault electric arc, switch cabinet internal air pressure rises, the pressure release of top installations metal plate will be automatically open, release pressure and frustrated. Installed on the door of the special sealing ring in front of the closed up to the ark, to ensure the security of operators and switchgear.
In each group of cabinet put oneself in another’s position of both sides and protect the end plate, the joining together of the ark and ark, there is a certain gap between, in order to reduce the fault arc of the adjacent tank.
Low pressure chamber

Adopts the traditional protection relay, measuring instrument and operation switch, secondary electrical components such as control,