• ABB VD4 rectifier module-1
  • ABB VD4 rectifier module

ABB VD4 rectifier module, we supply origInal high quality spare part to our customers.

1 damage of rectifier module Is usually caused by power grid voltage or internal short circuit. Under the condition of eliminate internal short circuit, replace the rectifier bridge. In the present Field treatment failure, verify the user should focus on power grid, such as power grid voltage, presence of electric welding machine to the power grid pollution, etc Equipment, etc.

2, damage of inverter module General is due to the close break-brake coil or control cable damage and drive circuit fault cause. After repair the control circuit, replace the module. After field service replacement driver board, must also note check break-brake coil and even The line of control. Under the determined without any fault, break-brake VD4 circuit breaker.

3, electricity without display Is usually due to damage or soft switch power supply caused damage to keep dc dc charging circuit, such as starting resistance Damaged, it is possible that the panel.

4, after power on display over voltage or under voltage Generally due to the input phase, circuit aging and circuit board to be affected with damp be affected with damp. Find out the voltage detection circuit and check
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