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Earth Switch Handle

ABB UniGear is the new name of the ZS1 switchgear . It is three-phase, metal-clad,
air insulated switchgear and all the units are factory-assembled, type-tested and suitable for indoor applications up to 24 kV.

Switchgear earthing switch operating shaft operating handle, can
To ensure that the grounding switch closing or brake in place, prolong the service life of grounding switch, ensure the normal operation of the switchgear. To achieve the goal of the technical scheme of the utility model is: switchgear earthing switch operation shaft operation
Handle, including handle ontology, handle the ontology with grounding switch operating shafts with one end of the socket is cylindrical, the cylindrical side
Inner hole shape and earthing switch operation shaft operation is the same shape, described in the operating handle is supporting a installed in the open
Close on limit board, the middle of the limit as stated in the board has to handle ontology cylindrical end into the hole, the hole
Also has the edge of two limit groove Angle of 90 degrees, handle the ontology has limit raised with the outer surface of the cylindrical side
Match the two limit as stated in the slot.

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