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Pt100 temperature sensor 

Pt100 temperature sensor is a kind of converting temperature variables can transmit the standardization of the output signal of the instrument. It is mainly used for industrial process measurement and control of the temperature parameters. With sensor transmitter usually consists of two parts: sensor and signal converters. The sensor is mainly the thermocouple or heat resistance; Signal converter mainly consists of measurement unit, signal processing and conversion unit (due to the thermal resistance and thermocouple indexing table used in industry are standardized, so the signal converter as a separate product is called the transmitter), some transmitter increases the display unit, some also have the function of field bus.
The product application scope:
PT100  sensor is mainly used for electric motor, generator and transformer winding temperature when installation. Sensors can provide a variety of models, including 2 lines, 3 lines and an optional 4 wire technology products. Sensors in addition to the tie-in reasonable control device, with overheating protection function and measuring temperature transfer record function. Subminiature structure of the sensor can guarantee its thermal response efficiency with extremely fast. And has strong mechanical strength, high resistance to high pressure capacity and the vacuum varnished and strong corrosion resistance ability.
Product performance description
PT100 temperature sensor performance depends on the relationship of platinum resistor temperature changes. PT temperature sensor in the constant according to the international standards to make that clear. According to EN 60751, corresponding provisions in the standard sensor shows almost linear and standardization, for a standard signal assessment will be an important advantage. In addition, compared with the PT temperature sensors have long-term stability and accuracy, interchangeability and other significant features, the product also with small occupancy of space in the same products stand out from the crowd.
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