Interior Electrical Device Design and Installation

Let the trusted team at Master Electric Services handle your next interior project.  As our Master Electrician Evan Willians-Xu, who has over 20 years of experience in the field, always says, “If I wouldn’t put it in my home, I wouldn’t put it in yours.”  Contact us today to meet with one of our experts and receive a free inspection, consultation, and quote.

We offer the following interior services:

  • Design and install interior electrical parts
  • Add ACB Breaker, voltage display, communication and data, all electrical part test,
  • carefully installation
  • Appliance hook-up and wiring
  • all electrical systems
  • spring motor installed vacuum circuit breaker and air circuit breaker
  • Install, inspect, and repair part and detectors
  • Surge protection
  • New construction or additions of any size
  • 24/7 emergency service
Our company is focused on worldwide wholesale of electrical devices and components for electrical house installations and electric industry. Our aim is to provide quick and effective service in component supplies as well as the supply on the project basis.